Rabigh Phase2

Rabigh Phase2
Induction to Maintenance Engineering activities. "Rabigh Phase2 petrochemical project" is based in Saudi Arabia.

Obiettivi del progetto 

1.Being able to build an Asset hierarchy on the base of project documentation such as PID, Layouts
2.Being able to build a Global Maintenance plan for the equipment registered under the Asset hierarchy prepared
3.Being able to understand key data to be populated inside a CMMS software prior to operation of the plant

Risultati ottenuti 

- CMMS Upload file template for Asset hierarchy
- CMMS Upload file template for maintenance plan of all equipment



Sebastien Ayerdi, Alexis Ferrer e Gianluca Petraccia

Nome Azienda: 

Saipem Spa


“Topobuilder” for Asset registration activity and “PM Builder” for Global Maintenance Plan set up

Team di sviluppo: 

Gianluca Bracciale, Antonio Gallucci, Gianfranco Stridi